Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wearing the Pretty Shoes: Part II

With only one exception, I’ve converted all of my shoes to accommodate my unsteady feet. Every time I opened my closet, I’d see shoes I loved but would be risky to wear.  I realized their presence in my wardrobe brought out feelings of sadness, and I decided it was time to let them go.  

Over a period of months, I’ve noticed when my feet buckle and would critique my shoes to see what it is about them that gives less support.  Shoes that I would have thought would be fine since they were low heeled and comfortable still weren’t working for me.  I’ve browsed shoes online analyzing what attributes I need to stay steady on my feet.

For now, I’m able to wear heels so long as they have a block heel.  They have more surface area connecting with the ground. Those that don’t taper support my feet side-to-side.

Given I still want to wear shoes I like and express my style, I took my time choosing replacements for my existing shoe wardrobe.  I wear a lot of skirts and dresses for work, so my shoes are often visible.  While some block heel shoes can look frumpy, others are stylish and chic.  The photos below show shoes I’ve purged on the left and shoes I’ve purchased on the right. 

I think it’s important as I adjust to MS symptoms to reduce the feelings of loss and punishment as much as possible.  While shoes may seem like a frivolous area to put time and attention, it’s an expression of our individual style.  Encountering new limitations on how we dress can be the “one more thing” that MS takes from us and wears us down.  It can be a constant reminder of how we have to make do with disease progression.  Adapting and feeling like I’ve retained my ability to express myself through fashion is empowering. A bonus is that I still get compliments on my shoes, and when that happens I don’t feel like I’m having to just make do. Instead I feel stylish and confident, and that feels good.


  1. If your feet aren't happy, then believe me, no other part of your body can hold a smile! I am with you on shoes that fit-- comfort and style equally important. Enough loss in the world --no need for one's closet to complicate our feelings of worth!

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