Wednesday, May 19, 2021

New Beginnings

Spring holds top honors 

as the season of new beginnings

for new growth, budding blooms and wildlife births.

Spring marks the end of winter,

although they often overlap 

in their weather shift competition.

January 1st rivals spring for a new beginning point

as the first day of the first month,

and it too may garner significance 

for its relationship to

the last day of the prior year.

Waking marks the beginning of the day 

and end of overnight slumber.

A new friendship, 

a health diagnosis, 

a life without someone

exist in cognition as before and after 

a moment.

All are endings and beginnings.

Moments in time often pass 

without anticipation or awareness 

until later upon reflection and applied significance.

Detecting these turning points in real time

is infrequent 

not for lack of effort

but for the constant stream of beginnings and endings.

Noticing and assigning purpose

elevates common moments.

Foreseen, by happenstance, or noticed in hindsight, 

each ending lays foundation for a new beginning.