Thursday, January 18, 2018

You’re Not Doing it Wrong

Online headlines and articles give a pervasive message – You’re doing it wrong.  Whatever the topic, they’ll say you’re missing something, you’re doing it wrong, or you’re just clueless.

The judgement and arrogance is exhausting and irritating.

Please, please, PLEASE tell me things that will help me live a better life.  Encourage me, reinforce me, and motivate me. But please don’t put everyone down while assuming NO ONE has already figured out what you just figured out and are preaching.

There are times I’ll read an article that claims it has the absolute answer, and I’ll think they are five years to a decade behind the times on the latest research. 

They’ll say since you’re not doing it the best possible way that you’re doing it wrong.  Nope.  I disagree.  I also question whether their opinion of what is best is going to withstand the test of time and scrutiny.  It may be completely debunked in a few years.

They’ll assume that if you have a problem with something then you’re not doing what works for them.  Often, I’ll look through guidance and I’m already doing all of the recommendations like a pro.  Doing more might actually harm my health.

Doing some of something healthy is generally going to be better than not doing it at all, and I think the articles that discourage anything less than perfection do us all a disservice.  It’s all relative to where you are now. Online articles have no idea how much I’m already doing, and telling me what to change isn’t going to help.

Good rule of thumb – if someone tells you what you need to do before asking any questions, they don’t know.  Keep learning, dealing with problems and becoming who you want to be, but don’t let an uninformed internet oracle decide what’s right for you. 

I experienced this lesson in a glaring way when I moved.  I had health habits and routines in place that I’d put a lot of thought into and worked perfectly for me.  I moved to another place, and so many of these things no longer worked for me at all.  If something that worked for me in one moment stops working for me when one change is made, then I have no business assuming something that works for me will automatically work for someone else.

We need to know our own bodies, lifestyles and our tendencies given health conditions and vulnerabilities. We can get inspiration, motivation and helpful tips from each other, but in the end it’s trial and error to see what will be useful to each of us.  There’s no one right way to maintain health and no universal prescription for all humans. If you’re doing it differently and tailoring things to your body, you’re not doing it wrong. 


  1. Believe me, you are doing "right by yourself." No one else knows our own inner landscape...their maps for our indivifual and unique journeys are presumptuous. Stay the course, your course, with confidence, my friend!!, Of course, you are right on, again, with your words!!